1988 - 2002 General Motors Trucks Heater Core

100% New Heater Core For Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Blazer, Pickup, Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Pickup. Suburban, And Yukon. ETA October
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New Heater Core fits the following vehicles:

100% New Aluminum Heater Core - Measures 8 1/4" X 7 1/2" X 1 1/4" - Inlet Fitting = 3/4", Outlet Fitting = 5/8"

Some vehicles may exhibit (repeat) heater core leaks. This may be caused by a chemical reaction called electrolysis. Electrolysis involves an ion exchange between the heater core and engine coolant which can result in a breakdown of the heater core material. This is similar to the operation of a battery.

Check for electrolysis on any vehicle with a heater core failure. If electrolysis is verified, flush the coolant and follow additional steps as required.


Electrolysis Inspection:

If there is a condition of a heater core leaking or repeat heater core leak, check for electrolysis using the following procedure:
  1. To check for electrolysis use a DVOM set on DC volts. Place the positive probe of the meter in the engine coolant and the negative probe on the negative battery post.
  2. Adjust engine throttle to 2000 RPM to properly get coolant flow and true electrolysis voltages.
  3. If more than .3V is recorded, flush the coolant and recheck.
NOTE: Export markets, be sure the water is desalinated.
ACDelco: 15-60059
Delphi: HC0289
DPI: 8303
Frigette: 250-332
Four Seasons: 94483
General Motors: 52452915, 52467018, 89019173
Modine: 4R702692, 702692
Proliance: 398240
Spectra Premium: 94483
Visteon: GM8275