TechChoice Parts Warranty

TechChoice Parts offers a 12 month warranty against defects in workmanship or materials on almost all parts, including air conditioning components.

Heavy duty / farm / off-road equipment comes with a 6 month warranty.

Air conditioning systems are not easily serviced by the layperson. There are many variables involved in the diagnosis and repair of an A/C system. Damage, injury, and unnecessary replacement of parts is possible.

Note that adding more than the recommended amount of refrigerant to an A/C system can cause damage, and will not increase cooling performance.

Note that an A/C compressor pumping 350psi, 400psi, or more is not a defective compressor. Conversely, a low side pulling into vacuum is not a defective A/C compressor either.

What will VOID the warranty

  • Failure to install a new accumulator or drier. Some newer vehicles may require the whole condenser to be replaced.
  • Failure to replace the orifice tube and replace and/or inspect the expansion valve.
  • Failure to use the correct amount and type of refrigerant oil.
  • Failure to use R12 or R134a refrigerant, in the proper quantity.
  • Damage to compressor including, but not limited to, stripped threads, broken mounting ears, broken fittings, and dropped units.
  • Failure of engine cooling fan causing compressor to fail.
  • Not flushing the A/C system where the compressor locked up.
  • Failure to clean out all Flush that was used to clean the system.
  • Electrical problem on vehicle causing compressor coil to short.

Note that almost all newer vehicles have new condenser designs that are almost non-flushable. If the compressor suffers a catastrophic failure, such as locking up throwing debris into the condenser, it is highly recommended to replace the condenser. These condensers are parallel flow condenser and the flush will go around the block where debris is instead of pushing it through like the older serpentine style condensers. That goes for Kubota and other newer farm equipment too.

Return policy

All new items must be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund. After 30 days, we offer exchange only.