• Automotive air conditioning parts for everything under the sun.

    We have air conditioning compressors, evaporator cores, and condensers for tens of thousands of cars, trucks, and heavy duty vehicles. We're sure to have the part you need to keep cool in the sun.

  • Buy with confidence that you'll get the right part.

    Our owners have a combined 35 years in the business, and we research each part-to-vehicle match thoroughly, so you can be sure that the part that you ordered is the part that fits.

  • Low overhead, low prices.

    As a low-overhead, 'just-in-time' warehouse, our prices are usually lower than traditional auto parts stores, with the same or better quality.

  • Customer service that knows what it's talking about.

    Our customer service reps are also the people who research the parts we carry, so you have a direct line to the most knowledgeable people in the company.

Popular categories

Affordable name-brand, OEM, and aftermarket auto parts.

We stock many popular brands of auto parts. As a low overhead, Just-In-Time warehouse, our prices are usually lower than traditional auto parts stores, with the same or better quality. Auto parts are being added to our online catalog daily.

A/C Parts House stocks major brands, including A-1 Cardone (CV Axles, Master Cylinders), ACDelco, Airtex (Fuel Pumps, Water Pumps), Beck/Arnley, Cloyes, Dayco, Denso (O2 Oxygen Sensors), Dorman, Fram, Four Seasons, Gates, Mevotech, Monroe, Moog, Motorcraft, Sanden (AC Compressors), NGK, Rhinopac by AMS, Spectra Premium, Standard Motor Products (Ignition and Engine Parts), Stant, TYC / Genera, Wagner, and Wix. Air Conditioning Parts, including AC Compressor, Evaporator Coil, Condenser, Accumulator and Drier, and Expansion Valve and Orifice Tube are stocked in our Midlothian (Dallas / Fort Worth) warehouse.

AC Compressor

The A/C Compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system, pumping refrigerant to other A/C parts. A/C Parts House carries more than 1,200 new and remanufactured AC Compressors. New AC Compressors are sourced from highest quality vendors, same as most auto parts stores. A/C Parts House has its own in-house compressor remanufacturing.

Evaporator Core

Evaporator Cores, or Evaporator Coils, are located in the dash of a vehicle. Cold refrigerant pools in the evaporator, the blower motor pushes air across it, cooling that air off. Consider replacing the expansion device, whether orifice tube, expansion block or valve.


Located at the front of vehicle, in front of the radiator. Cooling fans, the fan clutch (or wind at higher speeds) cool hot refrigerant in the condenser. Poor airflow across the condenser can cause poor cooling.

Heater Core

A Heater Core uses hot engine anti-freeze to heat air entering the passenger compartment. A/C Parts House stocks heater cores from ACDelco, Spectra Premium, and our own line of affordable aluminum cores.

Fuel Pump

Offering a full line of Airtex, ACDelco, and Spectra Premium Electric Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pump Modules, and Fuel Pump Hanger Assemblies. Most delivered within 24 to 48 hours!

Oxygen Sensor

Denso Oxygen Sensors. Denso is the OEM supplier for many manufacturers. We offer OEM-style replacement O2 Sensors; no cutting and splicing required.

EGR Valve

ACDelco, Motorcraft, and Standard Motor Products EGR Valves.


A/C Parts House Stocks a full line of Dorman replacement intake and exhaust manifolds. Manifolds come complete with replacement gaskets, bolts needed to install, and often other extras.